Custom Web Design
Our Process

Track progress of your site along the entire process. We publish online sitemaps and mockups for your review and to collect your feedback. You can also add notes, images and add and edit content.


We will discuss what pages you need and build out a visual sitemap.

We will determine hosting requirements: we can use your existing domain name host or help you setup hosting. This can be done at any time during the development process, and is not required until the site is ready to go live. We will build a test version of the site on our servers if hosting is not ready.


We'll gather materials you already have like logos, marketing materials and previous website assets you may want to re-use. Or we can create them for you like vector based versions of logos for crisp and clear scaling.

You can provide example sites or a single site you like and we can duplicate styles or we can come up with some original ideas or visualize yours.

A full mockup will be created with actual content or placeholder content while live content is being created.


Once you have approved the sitemap and mockups, we will begin converting it into website form. The feedback process can continue during this phase until style and content is how you want it.


We will thoroughly test your site on different browsers and devices before finally deploying it live and re-testing the live site.


We will quickly correct any defects missed or caused by any technology advancements or updates like browser updates.

Content updates to pages in their existing formats are free and will be developed, tested and deployed like in the previous phases.

New content in different page styles can be added, we will provide and agree on a fair price quote beforehand if it is beyond what your site package includes.

For all site types, payment schedule will be half up front, and the remaing half when your site is up and running live.

Pick which site you want below, click the Get Started button and you will be directed to a contact form with your selection. You may ask questions there as well as get started. We will answer questions or we will go ahead and send an invoice to the email address indicated if you are ready to go.

We accept payments online via paypal.

Work on your website will begin as soon as we have recieved the up-front payment.


This is our minimal package.

You can still look great while getting a message across and be contacted if thats all you need.
Main Page
Contact Form (on main page)
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization

This is a typical complete site package.

These are usually modern business trendy but with more style and customization than a pre-packaged template. Choose a style to emulate or let us come up with something cool for you.
Main Page
Contact Page
5 secondary page styles *
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization

This is our best website package.

Basically interactive artwork. Animations, page transitions, wipes, fades, multi-layer parallax scrolling (like our home page), sound FX and all kinds of what modern web can do. These can be based on other sites you like or totally original, we will work with you to produce something seriously cool and something that will draw your viewers in and impress.
Main Page
Contact Page
5 secondary page styles *
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization
* You may have mutiple pages using the same secondary page style, this does not count against the number of secondary page styles. Only pages that use unique layouts and styles are counted against the secondary count. Basically... if we can cut and paste some content into the same page style, it does not count as a new page style.
Upcoming Products, Services and Addons

These are some things we are considering adding to our menu. Let us know if you have any thoughts or requests here.

Custom Content Management System

If you would like the ability to edit sections of your site or add new content, we are working on our own content management system that could be added to your site or included in a site package.

Web Dev sharing

If you already have a site and you need someone to work on it regularly, but not enough need to warrant a full-time position, we are considering offering web services for a monthly fee. We would only offer this to a limited number of customers based on workload involved.